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Matching Gift Company Information and Guidelines

Company:   Wells Fargo & Company
Subsidiary of:  
Foundation #:   99970000
Last Updated:   2014-09-11 15:06:25.0
Phone:   (888)518-4438 
Matching Gift Form URL:  
Matching Gift Guidelines URL:  
Minimum amount matched: $25.00
Maximum amount matched: $5,000.00
Total per employee: $5,000.00
Gift ratio:  1:1

Comments: Employee Deadline: 6 months from date of gift! Athletic scholarship matching reviewed on a case by case basis. Canadian team members who can participate in our employee giving campaign (i.e. are in our HR system) can give to US based schools and educational foundations that qualify in the program. We are currently using JK Group to administer our educational matching gifts program, and we will be moving that business to a new vendor called DoTopia as of the end of 2014.


  • Participating donor logs into the matching gift website (check availability of log-in above) and submits the match request.
  • Participating donor obtains form (check availability of form above) and sends it with gift to recipient institution, authorized officer certifies and returns it to company for match.
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