Howard County General Hospital: A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine

A matching gift represents a corporation’s philanthropic interest to support the charities to which its employees contribute. It also encourages a spirit of financial and charitable responsibility. Corporations with matching gift programs tend to match monetary donations as well as volunteer hours. The impact of your gift to Howard County General Hospital may be doubled or possibly tripled!

Find out if your company has a matching gift policy by entering your employer's name in the search box below.

Forms are usually available through an organization’s Intranet. Many organizations are moving to a paperless system and use the Internet to process matching gift requests. If you are submitting a paper form, please mail it in with your contribution to: Howard Hospital Foundation, 10705 Charter Drive, Suite 320, Columbia, MD 21044.

We will do the rest! If you have any questions, please call (410) 740-7840. Thank you for supporting Howard County General Hospital.